Monday, July 17, 2023

Creating a Character: Stats

NOTE:  AI may be consulted in the preparation of these OOC posts by me...!

Alrighty, I'm going to be stepping in from time to time (will try for at least once a week!) to give the OOC details of gaming in the Asciiverse/Codehaven/Dungeons/ setting.  I'm genuinely hoping that we are providing a service, meager though it may be, that enables others to game in setting Inside a Computer System with plenty of details and flavor already baked in and ready to be picked over.  I know that the best way to welcome others' participation may be to keep things as system-neutral as possible.  Maybe.

However...I've really become drawn to the D&D 5e system over the past couple of years, so for the sake of consistency, that's what I'll be dealing in.'ll technically be a "house" system with which I attempt to tweak some things for simplicity and flavor, but the core will be 5e.  That'll be obvious really quickly.

So, the default ruleset for gaming in the Asciiverse shall be known as the FORMAT system.  What is this creature I speak of...?  Well, if there's doubt about any specific ruling, it defaults to 5e and simplicity, maybe not even in that order.  But I get to call it something computery and almost interesting because character stats are as follows:







There's a good chance you can figure out how those line up with D&D's typical set of six stats.  (And if I miscalculated, please let me know...!)

And so...

To create a character, begin by rolling 4d6 and drop the lowest die value.  Write the remaining total down as your Fortitude score.  Then repeat this process for the other stats, in FORMAT order.

Next up from me, hopefully sooner rather than later...Origins...!

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